"Family" the word for the day

 I thought of this poweful word 'Family' today because I miss so much my family in the Philippines. I remember how my mom and dad went through the years, they struggled, they fight, they kiss and make-up, they gave-up, they tried again, they work on what they have and didn't worry of things they don't have and the most important, they raised me well. Modesty aside, I was raised very well by my loving parents. I always keep in mind all their reminders and moral values that they instilled in me. I finished college, got into a job, worked harder, enjoyed being single and fortunately gave getting married and have a family a serious thought. Years forward, I'm a stay at home mom enjoying my active son who's my everything. Family will always be there whatever matters, that's my family back home and that would be me to my son. You can choose your friends and they come and go but family will stick with you for all seasons.

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